Terms Of Use

Payment Time
At the moment for all orders users have to make their payments within 15 minutes. Also all necessary confirmations should take place within 6 hours. Rate of the order will not change within these time spans. If the user makes his payment after 15 minutes, he can inform our support team about his delayed payment. If payment has been made after 15 minutes and the funds are recoverable or if confirmations takes more than 6 hours, our support will decide to accept the order or ask the user to submit a new order as substitute (payment of the new order has already been done).
If payment delay is more than 24 hours then our technical team needs to recover this payment. We can recover payments if delay is less than 1 week. For longer delays we may loose control of payee account or payee account private keys and funds may be lost. For delays longer than 1 week, if the funds are recoverable, $5+1%+coin network fees+ other recovery expenses will be deducted.

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